Muffin Man

This web site is named for a math problem I proposed several years back about the best way to divide a set of muffins. Dr. William Gasarch at the University of Maryland has created a presentation on the problem and his team's research toward a solution.

I am an experienced software developer, currently looking for a full-time or part-time position either in the Pioneer Valley or based in Greater Boston with substantial telecommuting. A few things related to this endeavor are my resume, my LinkedIn profile, and a word search website I'm developing. The GitHub repository contains some confidential information, so I've posted the open part of the source code separately.

In my spare time, I am a semiprofessional puzzle constructor, currently developing an extravaganza consisting of nine challenging, interconnected puzzles, funded on Kickstarter. I have also started doing book indexing. Here is a sample of my work.

The best way to reach me is by e-mail; I'm also on Facebook and BridgeWinners.